April 29, 2005

From a gay/latino frat boy himself...

Last week's gay/latino frat party entry did not go unnoticed. Here's an email from my favorite lock-picking frat boy in Minnesota:

...my gay, Latino frat parties were not as clear cut as you mapped out. Oddly, enough there were a few similiaries. JLO and Drag queens were not any of them.

However, I'd like to share my experience.

M. M. Latino, Gay Rush Week:

Monday: Meet/Greet, Potluck, check out new recruits... who would be good brothers... who would be good in bed? Ends with watching Porn on common room's TV

Tuesday: Kegger/Martis/Pot/ Extacsy... Everyone gets pretty wasted and allows for mutual straight boy on boy touching... nothing gay about that?

Wednesday: Cook out/football... great opportunity to feel up brothers sober... Ends with watching Porn on common room's TV

Stripper Night... get the boys honed up... force a strip down... streak run... ending at my bathroom with how many brothers can we fit into the showers... whole time taking pictures to whack off to later

Friday: Bigger Brother contest... Brothers whip it out to measure who has the bigger dick. Helps in forming good nicknames when pledges are accepted (i.e: Meat, Horse, Thimble, or Pencil Dick)

Ends with watching Porn on common room's TV

Saturday: Bars.. ends with four brothers, one girl, porn and lots of lube

Watching football, golf, and PORN on common room's TV

I certainly think my Rush Experience was a lot more fun.

April 19, 2005

Coco's Baptism in Bham


I like Jennifer and I can totally understand her pain in leaving Brad. But breakdowns at a baptism? That's unfortunate.

jen went down with courtney and david for it...as some of yall know since they were spotted at the highlands. but here is the juicy part...they had some people over for dinner and after a couple glasses of wine jen started to lose it! she was saying that she didnt' want to divorce brad but didn't have a choice because he had slept with jolie (that is what she calls her). anyways she kept having crying spouts and courtney finally turned to her and said "i thought you promised you weren't going to do this"!

April 14, 2005

Gay Frat Parties

Hip hop music booms across the courtyard today. The Latino Frat is promoting their organization again. "Latin" and "Frat" are not the most common words normally used together. Then again, "Gay" and "Frat" are not usually used together either but three groups at school can claim that one, too.

So what do these frats do other than play hip hop in front of the Student Union Building or watch TiVoed Queer As Folk and play drinking games? I have no idea, but I have some ideas.

gay frat

Gay Rush week:

Monday: Beauty night slumber party (bring your own pampering gels and lotions) meet and greet
Tuesday: Kegger Marti party
Wednesday: Gay.com blind hook-up double dare
Thursday: Scavenger hunt (from gay bar to gay bar) that ends with mandatory streaking in front of
Friday: 7 mintues in heaven/Spin the bottle with other Gay frats on campus
Saturday: Karaoke (read: impromptu skag drag shows) to Spice Girls, Britney, or Jill Scott, and JLo — bad performances will not be invited back
Sunday: Invitation only hot tub party sponsored by WET

gay frat

Latin Rush week:

Monday: La Raza potluck, meet-and-greet
Tuesday: Watch JLO videos at Roberto's house
Wednesday: DJ Raggeaton cook out
Thursday: Smoke out and stripper night (white girls only)
Friday: Celia Cruz festival (Anthony, the Frat president's older brother will be dress as Celia in drag complete with a white wig.)
Saturday: Lowrider show
Sunday: Invitation only Juanes concert

Now that I think about it, both are pretty gay. And gay, straight, Latino, or stereotypically white, all frats do have something in common: a love for JLo. And dragqueens.

April 13, 2005

Naming Britney's Baby: Nyla or Cheeto?

You voted America! According to Entertainment Weekly's poll twenty percent of us (including me!) want Britney and Kevin to name their forthcoming child "Nyla." Hardcore Spears fans will note that "Nyla" was the name of her failed restaurant. Choosing "Nyla" over the moniker "Cheeto" was a difficult decision for me. Then again, who knows what her baby's daddy will make of it on their upcoming UPN reality show. You know they read big of gossip about them. There hasn't been anything this exciting since Mary Kate Olsen checked herself into the fat farm. I'm so excited!

Nyla or Cheeto

April 12, 2005

Car crashes are sexy


Joss Stone is the new poster child for Gap jeans now that Sara Jessica Parker's three-year contract has finisehd. And why not? She can fly through a windshield and still look sexy. Well, I think the dude actually makes her new music video pretty hot. So. F'ing. Hot.

But Stone's new video for Spoiled doesn't make sense to me. And if it wasn't for the male model I might not have replayed it five billion times today.

I was hoping Joss could answer a few questions for me:
  1. Can you explain how the cute boy steals the teddy bear from you while shards of glass whizes past (but never touches) you?
  2. Why does it take one third of song to crash a car in a cute guy?
  3. Did Mariah Carey instruct you on how to make your hair flow all crazy around you while the rest of world comes to a screeching halt? 'Cause that's like magick.

Incredible Easter Eggs

Incredibles DVD Easter Eggs

The best gift I recieved from a fan last month was the Incredibles on DVD. The best gift this month was finding all the Easter Eggs hidden on the two disks. If Jack Jack Attack wasn't enough for you then check out all the hidden features.

To find the Easter Eggs wait for the omnidrod to appear in the upper right hand corner of the menu screens. If you're watching it on your computer you can just click on it. If you are watching it on a regular DVD player you'll have to position your pointer on the very last selection of the screen, then once the omnidroid appears press down to select it and hit play — like really fast. Not all screens have them, and they appear after 20 seconds.

I'm still trying to find the Sock Puppet version of the film, so if anyone finds it, let me know. Happy hunting!

For more secrets look here or here.

April 11, 2005

Britney and Kevin on UPN

Britney and Kevin will star in their own UPN show. Maybe you’ve seen it, it was called Nick and Jessica a few years ago.


I finally beat a level at that Dance Dance Revolution thing. My dignity is long gone and I had so much fun loosing it.