April 29, 2005

From a gay/latino frat boy himself...

Last week's gay/latino frat party entry did not go unnoticed. Here's an email from my favorite lock-picking frat boy in Minnesota:

...my gay, Latino frat parties were not as clear cut as you mapped out. Oddly, enough there were a few similiaries. JLO and Drag queens were not any of them.

However, I'd like to share my experience.

M. M. Latino, Gay Rush Week:

Monday: Meet/Greet, Potluck, check out new recruits... who would be good brothers... who would be good in bed? Ends with watching Porn on common room's TV

Tuesday: Kegger/Martis/Pot/ Extacsy... Everyone gets pretty wasted and allows for mutual straight boy on boy touching... nothing gay about that?

Wednesday: Cook out/football... great opportunity to feel up brothers sober... Ends with watching Porn on common room's TV

Stripper Night... get the boys honed up... force a strip down... streak run... ending at my bathroom with how many brothers can we fit into the showers... whole time taking pictures to whack off to later

Friday: Bigger Brother contest... Brothers whip it out to measure who has the bigger dick. Helps in forming good nicknames when pledges are accepted (i.e: Meat, Horse, Thimble, or Pencil Dick)

Ends with watching Porn on common room's TV

Saturday: Bars.. ends with four brothers, one girl, porn and lots of lube

Watching football, golf, and PORN on common room's TV

I certainly think my Rush Experience was a lot more fun.


Anonymous Stephen said...

Sounds like a lot of troube and a lot of fun.

2:44 PM  
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