June 17, 2005

HOW Design Conference photo booth

The HOW Design Conference in Chicago had a photo booth this year. I convinced my friends Cody and Laurie to cram themselves into the booth with me. Here's our story:

Cody, Laurie and me

Photo #1: Laurie, Cody, and I sit in the booth. I'm jealous that Cody got the sombrero and I got the viking helmet.
Photo #2: (sigh) Yes, I'm the one in the viking helmet.
Photo #3: And damnit, I LOVE MY VIKING HELMET.
Photo #4: Laurie's leaves too early and will forever be known as breast woman. Cody seems amused that her book is bigger than his face.

Later that weekend I dragged Amanda into the booth with me. God, I love taking photos.

Amanda and me

Photo #1: We are so fuck'n pretty. God it hurts.
Photo #2: Just kidding, we're not that vain!
Photo #3: In fact, we're dorks ... dorks who are fuck'n pretty!
Photo #4: And we'll eat you if you don't agree.


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