June 17, 2005

HOW Design Conference photo booth

The HOW Design Conference in Chicago had a photo booth this year. I convinced my friends Cody and Laurie to cram themselves into the booth with me. Here's our story:

Cody, Laurie and me

Photo #1: Laurie, Cody, and I sit in the booth. I'm jealous that Cody got the sombrero and I got the viking helmet.
Photo #2: (sigh) Yes, I'm the one in the viking helmet.
Photo #3: And damnit, I LOVE MY VIKING HELMET.
Photo #4: Laurie's leaves too early and will forever be known as breast woman. Cody seems amused that her book is bigger than his face.

Later that weekend I dragged Amanda into the booth with me. God, I love taking photos.

Amanda and me

Photo #1: We are so fuck'n pretty. God it hurts.
Photo #2: Just kidding, we're not that vain!
Photo #3: In fact, we're dorks ... dorks who are fuck'n pretty!
Photo #4: And we'll eat you if you don't agree.

HOW not to piss off your idol

Stefan Sagmeister is the Elvis of the graphic design world. He's a graphic design rock star and his popularity is only equal to this brilliant talent. He once carved the text for an invitation into his skin (think bloody chest and visible pubes) and promoted a fashion boutique with text made out of toilet paper. His commercial work is in high demand yet he took a year sabbatical to just ... think.

At the HOW Design Conference this weekend I got the chance to meet him — I knew this was a one in a lifetime opportunity and I only had a few seconds to make the best impression possible.

From a few feet away, I could tell he had an accent. I was talking with a Swiss friend prior to meeting Sagmeister, she asked me to find out if he, too was either Swiss or maybe German.

Me: Hi! How's it going?
Sagmeister: Great? How are you?
(Sagmeister signs my book.)
M: Oh, fine. Thanks! So are you Swiss? Or German?
S: (quickly) Niether! I'm Austrian.
M: (thinking: you pissed him off, dumbass) Oh, well what's in your iPod right now?
S: (annoyed) My iPod just got stolen on the way here.
M: (thinking: change the subject!) Can I take a picture with you?
S: Sure — ah
M: Thanks!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I bolted away from him and got out of site as quickly as possible. Later that weekend I saw him standing up — he's massive. He's like six and half feet tall. Like all rock stars.

June 07, 2005

Message from Spain

***A special message from Michael currently in Spain for a semester***

Imagine it: 04 of June, me all cute in my best knock off armani shorts, Puma flip flops and guccy swim bag (yes with a y). I am walking with a slow and steady technique across the Barcoleta beach, which is famed for its nudity and its large community of gay men. Spain is beautiful.

I walk with much granduer past the several gawking gay men and settle myself to the right side of the lifeguard pole. I lay out my mat, my book, my lotion and Im all prepared for a casual day in the sun. As I peek over my DKNY glasses that I just purchased from an Islamic man for 5 euros, I notice that all the men around me are about 18-20 years old and are surrounded by several men of much more maturity. They are being massaged, cigarettes are being lit, and caresses to the groin are noticeable.

I am then approached by a man about 50 years old and asked in Catalan, "Quanto costa?" Since, I have been shopping here in Barcelona for a week now, I know that means "How much does it cost!" He thought I was a whore. A simple, well dressed and nicely tanned prostitute.

I later discovered that only the men for hire set on the right side of the guardpole, and the other decent horny homos sit on the left side. My reputation in spain is now tarnished cause im a cheap hooker...

I miss you,


June 06, 2005

Paulina Rubio and Ryan Seacrest are dating

Mexican sensation/goddess Paulina Rubio is dating Ryan Seacrest. According to US Weekly, she persued him. Which makes sense because women from the US think he's gay. Mexicans, however, they like their men pretty ... like me.

Paulina Rubio and Ryan Seacrest are dating
"Don't say good-bye"

Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio, international wonder and self-proclaimed "Golden Girl"

Cumming, the fragrance by Alan Cumming

Cumming by Alan Cumming

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