October 13, 2004

My First Presidential Debate, a photo album by Atticus West

The third Presidential debate is here. Outside my window I see MSNBC, CNN, and countless other camera crews from around the world running across campus.

MSNBC and CNN both have huge tents with booming cameras, crowds of students, and rerouted air conditioning (it's in the 90's today so, it's like official, winter's here). It feels a lot more like New Year's Eve and the last day of finals both rolled all into one. Every-time they air a piece the crowd goes wild. It sounds like a football game right outside my door.

So look for me on TV everyone!

Yep, I'm the cute one with the sun in my eyes. I'm voting for JFK!

Bush supporters are scared Kerry will win and actually do something as President. Suck that thumb, kiddo, Gorgie's going bye, bye.

And of course, what's a Presidential debate without an orange chicken?

Don't let my colleagues fool you: they speak German and Mandarin Chinese but not a lick of Spanish. We saw the sign and knew we had to have it!

We just found out that the Foo Fighters are opening for John Kerry today at the beach party. A beach in Arizona you say? Sure.

Some people don't vote ... but really, I only took this photo because of the cute boy walking my way. I'm more than just politically active, I'm shallow, too.

--Atticus West