September 29, 2004

How I Paid for College: A novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship, & Musical Theatre

Marc Acito has become my new favorite gay author. Yes, that means that porn start/writer Aiden Shaw has been bumped to number two on this list. (Now that I think about it, I've never even read anything by Aiden Shaw, but the fact that he's a hot porn star automatically makes him first on my list - until now.)

Marc Acito author of How I Paid for College: A novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship, & Musical Theatre and "The Gospel According to Marc."

Mr. Acito's story about pan-sexual high schoolers who's search for sex is only dwarfed by their creativity in mischief is just one reason to pick up this read. But I you could also read it to learn how to launder money, blackmail your senator, or just to find out why the heck there's a smiling buddha on the cover.

In the book, Edward's dad won't cough up the dough for a college education at Juliard. What's a poor bi-sexual to do? Get a job of course - oh maybe some blackmail and theft - it is $10,000 a year school for god's sake. But rather then tell you the story I'll leave you with a few of my favorite quotes.

I told my girls that when it came to having sex, stick with oral. No one ever got knocked up for giving a blow job.

Edward's thoughts:
One look at Doug and I'm harder than Calculus.

I cup my hand to my ear which is the International Recognized Signal for "I can hear you, you stupid cow."

The benefits of laziness are immediate.

Paula (the dramatic big girl/best friend):
Edward, lead us not to Penn Station but deliver us to E train.

Don't be so provincial.

A game the characters created in the story is called Creative Vandalism (CV for short). CV is a form of social disobedience but with flare. CV is dressing up in a priest's uniform and buying beer. Who in there right mind would card a man of god? It's brilliant. CV could also be dressing up park statues with risque clothing.

CV is only for artists, kids at heart, and fools. What would you do?


Blogger Kandu said...

I've also heard CV referred to as "art terrorism", which, again, has a lot to do with doing impermanent, but socially commenting things to statues, among others.


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