October 05, 2004

Marc Acito: hottie author

He wrote me back!

Hottie author Marc Acito responded to an email I sent him regarding this very site. I gave him a few links (as well as a nasty photo of yours truly) of which he checked enjoyed. Buy his book, damnit - not because he's cute or talented, but because he put me at the top of his fan-favorite list. Yay, I'm a groupie! And I get to see him in three weeks.

Thank you Pop Culture Junkies for making a boy's dream come true. (To see the picture that sealed the deal go here. I'm on the right, my shirt mysteriously revealing abs.)

He's got a boyfriend of 18 years or so. He also (inadvertently?) gave me his home and cell phone numbers. Hello! I'm a fan! Dare I call or will that automatically get me a restraining order?

--Atticus West


Blogger « groeg » said...

he IS a hottie -and I'm totally buying that book. I like books. They're fun.

And I believe we ALL gave you our cel numbers- why would HE be any different?

*(which reminds me: I TOTALLY owe you a callback. I've neglected on account of I'm an asshole)

5:31 PM  

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