September 28, 2004

8 Going On 30

When asked to imagine myself I picture myself as an eight year old boy. I just turned 24 and because I see myself as kid I'm saddened. I suddenly realize that the years are flying by unlike the eternity a year's time used to be. My friends and I will turn thirty soon; for our species we're "halfway to death."

The movie 13 going 30 starring Jennifer Gardner embraces my age bracket. As a small child, Jenna wishes to be "30, flirty, and thriving." In five years when I'm 30 I also wish to be flirty and thriving.

Graphic design as a career path is unlike the more traditional courses my siblings have chosen. They have degrees in pediatrics, accounting, statistics, engineering, and psychology. In time, they will garner massive amounts of money as is appropriate for the lives they have earned. It's possible to gather that kind of cash in my profession, one only needs connections, a strong portfolio, and talent. Thank god; I'm highly involved in graphic design professional organizations and I've earned numerous awards for my work.

The life as a doctor or an accountant wasn't suited for me, nor was I wired or motivated to become either of those things. As a child, I was placed in Chapter One Reading - a place phonetically challenged slow readers. Other children caught on to concepts faster than I. I hated getting sick, I was home sick the day my second grade class learned how to tell time on a clock with hands. I didn't really master that skill until 11th grade. To check out a zip drive and a mouse for art class I was forced to record the time off a wall clock that was displayed with two such hands.

I envied the gifted kids in class; they were cocky fast learners. But everyone reads slower out loud so if we had to follow along in text books I would read entire passages as other people read aloud. I hated surprises - like running into a word I didn't know or couldn't pronounce. And because I concentrated so hard on what I was reading I often neglected to think about or even remember what it was I had read.

These days I read hundreds of pages a week in books and magazines. My favorite books are trashy teen age or twenty something fantasies about pop-culture and sexuality. I read more graphic novels than actual novels and I feel no guilt whatsoever.

I'm not an Ivy League graduate; I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications. I express image through strategically placed words, pictures, colors, papers, and texture. I make legible and easily digestible art for the masses and couldn't be happier. Or some shit like that.


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