July 26, 2004

Christina Milian' s "Dip It Low" Video

This morning my local hip-hop DJs where talking about Christina Milian's new music video "Dip It Low." Currently, the song is number four on the R&B/Hip Hop charts. Christina Milian is now a celebrity sex symbol even though she's already produced one hit song "AM to PM" and wrote hits for other singers which include Jennifer Lopez.

What pissed me off is that the DJs — the masters of music, the leaders in new music, and homophobic annoying prank callers painfully devoid of any humor — didn't get what the video was about. It's called "Dip It Low." Yes, it's about sex, obviously. But the theme of the video, set design, and clothing is inspired by various Asian cultures. So is the — get this — calligraphic ink they used to "dip" Christina in and "spin her all around."

Calligraphy is important to some Asian cultures. It's an art which goes back four to five thousand years ago in China alone. The DJs went so far as to describe the video as a hot chick being covered in tar. Yeah, 'cause tar will let you spin around on a slab of marble by hot guys in no shirts. No, tar is sticky, dumb shit.