June 18, 2004

Which Simple Life Girl Are You?

Figuring out if you're the Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton of your friends can be difficult. This quiz will help you find out which one you truly are. Keep track of how many A's or B's you have, this will determine if you're the whore or the instigator.

  1. Your daily hour of shopping ends with a credit card bill sent to daddy for the following amount:
    1. $12,760.02
    2. $2,986.68
  2. When giving fashion advice to a friend you say:
    1. Those would be great to hitchhike in if we run out of gas!
    2. Will you please model your chaps for us? Just the chaps, with nothing under them.
  3. How would your humble group of millionaire friends describe you?
    1. The narcissistic pretty one.
    2. The fun one with the amazing personality.
  4. Your fashion faux-paux for the week is wearing:
    1. Mermaid regalia. The bra makes your boobs look big.
    2. A Juicy couture track suit. It's super comfortable.
  5. Just before going to bed you say this to your best friend:
    1. Good night, bitch.
    2. Good night, bitch.
  6. You're already famous for being famous. Which of the following best describes your current career track?
    1. Most censored butt crack on television and avid poop scooper.
    2. Professional fundraiser through street walking/grass-roots organizing
  7. Your phrase of the day is:
    1. That's hot.
    2. That's sexy.
  8. What's your dog's name?
    1. Tinkerbell
    2. Honey

Mostly A's: You're hot, you know it and you flaunt it. Daddy has tons of money, you don't worry about much except how people will react to your new outfit. It's a good thing you capitalize on your outer beauty now, it might not last forever. Plus, your friends look to you to find a place to hang out at night. You're fashion addicted personality is the perfect Paris Hilton match.

Mostly B's: You're friends rely on your smarts to get them through tough times. The only downside is that you need a pretty friend to put you in the spotlight. Your outgoing personality and seemingly endless supply of catch phrases makes you the Nicole Richie of your group.