July 06, 2004

Riechen Lehmkuhl's Amazing Fourth of July Weekend

Festive indeed, this weekend brought America's favorite gay reality TV stud Riechen Lehmkuhl to Phoenix. Reichen was a Captain in the Air Force before becoming one half of the winning team on CBS's Amazing Race.

He arrived on Friday hours before I met him. A mutual friend introduced us to each other and before I knew it, we were all three talking and swimming in the pool.

We transferred to the hot tub where I learned Riechen likes his feet rubbed. I asked how he spent his birthday this year to which he said, "Whatever my manger wanted me to do that day." Ouch! He had been auditioning for roles in Las Angeles all week long, the hot tub was the highlight of his week. There was a full moon above us while we chatted.

Fourty minutes later, a few more guys joined us, a some sang Cole Porter songs while Riechen enjoyed the copious foot massages. The hot tub was quite shallow, which made everyone's limbs lie under or over someone else's. There was even a cute naked dude in the mix sitting to Reichen's left and to my right.

On Saturday I ran into the Amazing Race winner again, he was the guest of honor at another party. He said he had been signing calendars (photographed by Kal Lee) throughout the day and that he was happy with how it turned out. I was introduced to other people and lost sight of him. Later, I was waiting in line for the bathroom, a door opened to my left and I saw him and … ahem … a few other people. I saw someone's legs in the air, I won't verify who's they were. Email me for racy details.

So, how was your weekend?


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