June 21, 2004


“If you can dodge a wretch, you can dodge a dodge ball.” Absurd? Yes. Totally nut-busting hilarious? Also, yes.

Ben Stiller’s new movie is a true underdog story. More importantly, how many movies does one get to make where one can peg one’s own real-life wife in the head with a dodge ball? Ben cranks one at Christine Taylor and you have to wonder if he hating doing it or relished knocking his beautiful wife in the noggin.

Vince Vaughn is a stud. Vince Vaughn in leather — although odd — is worth the price of admission. Don’t forget to watch for b-list athlete cameos.

If you liked Zoolander, you’ll love Dodgeball. If you hated it, spare yourself the pain. I loved dodgeball as a kid. As an aspiring gymnast, it gave me a socially acceptable atmosphere to practice tumbling, back tucks, and, rolling. I didn’t even try to throw a ball, but dodge as many as I could. Sissy? Of course, and this only led to Xtreme PowerVolleyball — which combines international volleyball rules and Tai Chi Chuan.

What childhood sport would you love to see made into a movie?


Blogger Kandu said...

eM here. Forget made into a movie...I just want to play kickball now that, at 31, I'm old enough to finally appreciate it!

8:39 PM  

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