September 28, 2004

How I Paid for College : A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater and Playing with Boys

Scene from Merce and Atticus's trip to Las Vegas
Setting: Virgin Megastore

*at the magazine rack*
Atticus: Ok. We got Teen People and Us Weekly. We need more. We'll read these in like an hour and the drive back to Phoenix is like five times that.
Merce: We should get Alisa Valdes Rodriguez's new book!
Atticus: Oh my God I almost forgot! Playing with Boys! It's called Playing with Boys. I saw it at Borders back in Phoenix.
Merce: Or that other book.
Atticus: Yeah! What was it? How I Paid for College something or other?
Merce: There was a review of it in Out this month, remember? We can get the title 'n author from there.
Atticus: You're a genius ... find the title and I'll ask the girl at the desk where it would be.

*on the way to the counter*
Merce: I can't wait for Dirty Girls Social Club to come out in the theatre.
Atticus: Yeah! J-Lo bought the rights to the movie. It's gonna rock!
Merce: Ha, ha, ha. The full title of the other book is: How I Paid for College: A novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theatre. I'm going to love it.
Attiucs: Ya know, I worked in a library for two years. I can find anything with the dewy decimal system, but this store is not laid out the same way.
Merce: Um ... whatever kid.

*at the counter*
Girl Behind The Counter: Can I help you?
Atticus: Yeah. Where's your adult fiction section?
GBTC: *sneer*
Atticus: We're looking for this book, um what is it? Playing with Boys and eer ... How I Paid for College.
GBTC: Right. This way please.

*on the way to the book section*
Atticus: Hey Merce, there's the book we're looking for!
Merce: I know! Where's she taking us?

*at the book section*
GBTC: Here you go.
Atticus: Something's not right here...
Merce: ?
GBTC: You said adult fiction didn't you?
Atticus: OH MY GOD THIS THE PORN SECTION! There was never PORN at the library!
GBTC: I'm so sorry. But when you said "adult" I just kinda figured you wanted books byPlayboy.
Atticus: And erotica? (*to Merce*) Don't we look gay?
Merce: I think we do.
Atticus: It's not like we can hide it.
Merce: I know!
Attiucs: Thanks for helping us, but we saw the book back there when you were walking us over to your porn.
Merce: Thanks! Have a great day.
GBTC: You, too.
Merce and Atticus: Thanks!
*Merce and Atticus skip arm in arm away from the big boob section*


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