September 28, 2004

Lindsay at the gym

The playlist at my gym (Pure Fitness) now includes Lindsay Lohan's "I decide." It also features Hilary Duff's "Fly." I guess if you're going to choose to put one on you might as well put the other. It's sorta like being politically bipartisan or maybe they started a new music contract through that soul-less company that produces out of date CDs like Now That's Pop Music! Either way, it's odd to hear Lindsay and Hilary smashed in-between Chingy and Missy Elliot tracks.

Since my new job requires me to us a PC as well as my trusty ol' Mac, I now have access to new music on AOL. Sadly, Lindsay's new song bites but Destiny's Child "Lose my Breath" has become my song of the week! And is it just me or does Darkchild put his name on everything he produces? I've heard his name at least a dozen times the past two years on songs by JLo, Britney, Brandy, Aaliyah, Destiny's Child, and even Tyra Banks.


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