August 25, 2004

Undefeated in Something ... Finally

After sixteen games, my volleyball team remains undefeated. We got the gold this season in a shut out that defied logic - how could a team as beautiful as we are be so fucking good at something other than ... well ... looking good? It ain't practice, that's for sure, I think we practiced once the entire season and one guy was drunk before we got onto the court. It ain't height, four out of six of us are 5'7" and under.

Whatever it is, we won. WA-HOO! We won.

Of course this means that we have to celebrate, and there's only one way to do this properly - a ten hour bar crawl honoring not only our immaculate win, but the new 2am last call. Everyone has their job to make sure this will be an event to remember. One fabulous person will create a soundtrack for the night including every team member's theme song plus our own team theme song. That person just happens to be me - I'll post the playlist when it's complete. Another person's in charge of creating the bar map we'll follow with the utmost respect (or until we pass out on the pavement). Yet another will secure a designated driver under that age of 21 that will courier us around town in a super-low fuel efficient but incredibly roomy Cadillac Escalade.


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